I feel I understand you completely.

You want something more out of intimate encounters, but are not quite sure what that is, what it feels like, or how to get it.

You want to connect deeper into the experience, but are unsure how to navigate to that next stage.

Hi, I’m Tashizelle Monroe, and I am super interested in getting to know what makes you tick.

I am the quality choice for a discerning gentleman that is looking to meet someone unique, of authentic character, who is gorgeous, classy, feels amazing to be around, and can dress the part to fit into any environment and blend in with folks from all walks of life.

Spend enough time with me and you’ll be amazed by my never-ending interesting layers and talents, because in my presence, you’ll never find yourself bored. Instead you will either be continuously laughing or smiling…even long after our rendezvous comes to a close.

I am an avid world traveler, filled with positive vibes, an hourglass figure, a drop-dead magnetic smile, and penetrating green cat-like eyes.

I have lived in India and throughout the East the past 10 years, studying with Tantra Masters and healers from various traditions.

I enjoy meeting relaxed, open-minded gentlemen, who know how to be themselves, can be in the moment, and know how to treat a lady.

Do I need you to know anything about Tantra, or want to know a bit about Tantra?

My preference is to spend time with a gentleman that wants to explore the magical world I have come to love.

I believe you are drawn to me for a reason.

Let’s explore what chemistry is between us.

Warm Love,

Tashizelle Monroe
International Upscale Tantric Companion
ChakraSex™ Coach For Couples

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This is 10 years in the making of worldwide Tantra Study, and throughout India.

Couples can learn the energetics of sex, and open new doors of pleasure and soul.

It is important to note, this is a hands-off method. I do not act as a third, only as a life-changing coach.

The 50-minute in-depth version of my ChakraSex™ Map can be emailed to you upon request after out first session.

For now, here is a 10-minute taste ↬

CLICK PLAY to hear my voice and unique approach to Tantra.


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