Hi There!

I'm Tashizelle Monroe. Welcome to my Tantric Companionship world.

I am originally a California-girl, with an American accent, luscious natural curves, and based in NYC and Amsterdam. 

For 10 years I travelled throughout India and the East, and lived in 6 different countries immersing myself in Tantra. I studied with various enlightened masters, awakened teachers, and masters of yoga and bioenergy, from the depths of Kashmiri Shivism Tantric Traditions, all the way to my Tibetan Vajrayogini Dakini Initiation, to Egyptian Sacred Sexuality.

I am Forbes published, highly-rated, and uniquely gifted in combining sensuality and spirituality as one.

You'll be greeted with a bright smile, high heels, lustrous green eyes, an hourglass naturally busty feminine physique, and a down-to-earth attitude that will instantly relax you.

If you are a gentleman, well-traveled, highly intelligent and thoughtful by nature, you're my type. In return I can promise I am the same way.

Can't wait to explore our chemistry.

With total soul,
Tashizelle Monroe 

Ways We Can Connect

Tantra GFE is best suited for the refined gentleman that knows how to treat a lady and is looking for something different and deeper, but doesn't quite know what that is, or what it looks like. He just knows, he craves something more. 

Bedroom Priestess™ Sessions are for those who wish to dive deeper into the mysticism of sensuality, and access their own specific spirituality in a deeply meditative space.

Tantric Man Online is for those that have been fervently seeking authentic and effective guidance when it comes to Tantra, and are ready to learn with correct foundations, step-by-step, mastering the true techniques and crafts of Tantra, which are not what most think they are, or what most say they are.

Elite Lovemaking® is a ritual and educational focused sacred sexuality Training Immersion  for Couples only. There no nudity involved during class time. However, you get long breaks with homework to practice in your own hotel room to instantly integrate what you just learned. These immersions aim to bring you closer than ever and ignite more passion than you thought possible. You will see each other through new eyes - soul to soul. Saturday all-day Immersions will be conducted monthly in NYC, and is limited to 3 couples per training. If you are interested do not hesitate emailing me. I am happy to chat about any details.  

Executive Exotic Vacation is for the VIP gentleman that knows it makes sense to leverage that work trip, and escape into a nearby nature location with me. I curate every single last detail. All you need to do is show up and walk into an experience orchestrated by sunlight, crisp air, me in flowy clothes, with Champagne in hand welcoming you into our fantastic weekend to come. Escape and destress with me anywhere in the world.

They say I am a key element to their snowballing success. I don't know what I love more - elevating your overall wellbeing, or you knowing that I can.

I aim to blend excitement, spirituality, and sensuality anytime we are together, but most importantly, get to know who you truly are when all masks are off.

I am excited to meet you, and look forward to your introduction.

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