What I know about myself, is that my sensual and spiritual drive are one and the same.

My expertise is in Tantra, and I happen to be an Upscale Companion…making it a fascinating intersection for us to meet.

You’ll be intrigued to find, that I’ve lived the past decade overseas, have experienced the lap of luxury, the luxury of the jungle, and the jungle of third world countries.

My intention has always been to create a life of meaning, and so I moved on from my well-adjusted corporate career, to travel the world and find what I was missing.

Age – 36

Hair – Brunette

Eyes – Green

Nationality – European/American

Height – 5’4″

Weight – 127 lbs

Measurements – 38-26-38

Breasts – 32 DDD | natural

If you are looking to spend quality time with a drop-dead gorgeous female, who is super down-to-earth, and knows that you are tired of fake facades…yes that’s me.

I am blessed with a curvy and fit hourglass figure, real from head to toe, and dripping sexiness and wisdom that you will feel from first sight.

I have two Bachelor’s degrees, and almost finished a Master’s, even got accepted into a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality Program, however I chose another route.

And so, I spent the past 10 years traveling throughout India and the East, seeking a deeper connection with my spirituality, and so chakras and Tantra became my expertise.

I have lived in 6 different countries, studied with various awakened Masters, including getting certified in Tantra from a well-known top school where I practiced 24/7 for 4 months straights. I have first hand observed the magic or bioenergy while living and studying with an Enlightened Master, and have dove deep into Kashmiri Shivism Tantric Traditions, Goddess Traditions, and received a Vajrayogini Dakini Initiation from a Tibetan Rinpoche.

I love to dance, I love to laugh, I love spreading good vibes, I love having a great time with those I can inspire, spoil and explore.

I gravitate towards those who are at the top of their game. I know what it takes for a person to be there. Hard-to-define smarts are simply sexy to me, and I am very intrigued and inspired by those who are the best at what they do.

Thus, if you ask me what turns me on, it is thoughtfulness, cutting-edge thinking, and physical and intellectual potency and intensity of all sorts.

Trust me, whatever it is you are really into, I will find extremely interesting and will want to know more.

When we are out enjoying the town, at a dinner, or a concert, or with your friends and coworkers, it will take you less than 5 minutes to realize that I am not acting.

I am a natural pleasure to be around, fully present, funny and sophisticated, and very socially aware in any environment, making me into you in all the right ways while in public.

Take a look at my reviews here and discover for yourself that I am a full-spectrum woman.

If you can already tell that we make a great match…

I look forward to your introduction!

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