What I know about myself, is that my sensual and spiritual drive are one and the same.


I am curious by nature and love uncovering life’s mysteries. Esotericism and creativity are my driving forces.

I have lived in 5 countries, and traveled to many more. The past decade I have lived solely overseas in the East, and dedicated myself to Spirituality, Yoga, Chakras and Tantra; that was after my corporate days.

I studied with awakened teachers, and masters of yoga and bioenergy, from the depths of Kashmiri Shivism Tantric Traditions, all the way to my Tibetan Vajrayogini Dakini Initiation, to Egyptian Sacred Sexuality.

It was only 2 years ago that I transitioned out of the west, and have enjoyed introducing aspects of mystical Tantra to some of the top-minded and hearted men and couples worldwide.

I guess someone had to unearth these things from the deep India underground, and put them in the forefront of Wall Street LOL!

In short, I must say, this is an incredible intersection for us to meet.



“More beautiful than I imagined, creative, talented, intuitive, and one-of-a-kind,” are some words I often hear.

I am open-minded, authentic, down-to-earth, easy to get along with, and always bring my best. I also laugh…a lot. And although I am 36, I don’t look a day over 30.

I am blessed with a curvy and fit hourglass figure, real from head to toe, and dripping sexiness and wisdom that you will perceive from first sight.

My sexy voice soothe you, my soft skin will tantalize you, my drop-dead magnetic smile will distract you, and my green eyes…I am sorry, they are a whole other story. You just have to see them.



My intention when we meet, is to always be authentic, present, and really get to know you as I bring my trifecta of Eroticism, Chakras and Bliss.

I love to dance, I love making people laugh, and enjoy spreading good vibes.

People say that time with me feels incredibly healing, energizing and relaxing all at the same time! Not to mention, mentally, sensorially (no that is not a word :), and spiritually expanding!



Ask me what turns me on, and I will respond, “thoughtfulness, cutting-edge thinking, and intensity of all sorts.”

Hard-to-define smarts are what I seek in a man, and I am very intrigued and inspired by those who are the best at what they do.

As I enjoy long-term engaging, I have chosen a few suitors that have made my heart and life sing…especially since I have a lot to offer as a woman, and will undoubtedly have a lot of curiosity towards you.

Whether I am meeting couples or gents, I prefer to meet with those who, regardless of their tax bracket, are down-to-earth with a sense of humor, such as myself.

I look forward to meeting more top gents and couples!



I am incredibly aware of my surroundings, and empathic to those around me.

This makes it so when we are in public, I will make you look good in every way.

In case that body-couture dress and hourglass figure weren’t enough, I can carry on a conversation on virtually any topic with your friends and coworkers, as well as speak various uncommon languages.

I wear little make up, however my green eyes will still pop like volcanos, and my smile makes everyone glow, even on the most stress-filled day.

I dress appropriately, however, will still turn heads. You are going to love watching this occurrence.

No one will suspect how you found me, because I will be naturally into you, and completely engaged in our interactions. Why?

Because if I am with you, I actually want to be with you. There is nothing fake about me, and lots of realness to elevate you.



Like any relationship, the more you spend time with me, and treat me well, i.e., with sincerity and without expectation, my heart opens.

From that point, I can share more mystical and incredibly transforming Tantric secrets with you that only 1% of the world knows and utilizes.

I have witnessed the men and women that I share my Craft with, gain the arrows-edge that makes them the fittest of the fit, and pushes their profession into a whole new playing field effortlessly.

Overtime I explain this magic step-by-step.



With me, our time together will be laughter-filled, refined, and carefree.

Are you ready to meet?

I am!

Booking days in advance will ensure our time together so don’t wait to reach out.






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