I realized that my sensual and my spiritual drive are one and the same.

I am a European-American, laid-back California girl living in the big Apple. I have an American accent, or as some say, a California accent.

I have lived in 6 countries, including India while studying with Enlightened Masters for a 10 years. I speak a handful of languages, however body language became my craft.

I studied bioenergy with awakened teachers and yoga masters, from the depths of Kashmiri Shivism Tantric Traditions, Tibetan Buddhism, received a Vajrayogini Dakini Initiation, and learned Egyptian Sacred Sexuality.


“Become the caress” – Osho

Those enchanted by me, are typically a lot like me: well-traveled, open-minded, and secretly spiritual.

I am highly-reviewed, natural to be around, and a relaxed and fun person overall. I am comfortable in my body, exuding a relaxed feeling which will help you feel calm, present, and relieving the stresses in your mind.

You may learn to love me, or at least, appreciate me, because as you will see throughout this website there are qualities called, authenticity and integrity. Not the sexy qualities you came here for I know, however, qualities you’ll be so happy came within this sexy package.

I bring something different to the table, because I recognize that…

There comes a time in every man’s (and couple’s) experience where he wants something more out of intimate encounters, but is not quite sure what that is, what it feels like, or how to get it.

He wants to connect deeper into the experience, but is unsure how to navigate himself to that other place of pleasure.

This unsolved mystery, is what I solve.

The sacredness of sensuality runs through my veins. It is who I am, and who I will always be.

With so much culture, formal and worldly education running through my veins,  I am down-to-earth, light and playful, and grateful to attract high-level real connections.


“You treat me right. I’ll treat you better” – Me

For those 10 years I was blessed to study sacred energy, and experience and witness things you can only imagine.

In short, I received the complete “user’s manual” for a body.

With that said, in my world, it takes two to tango. Meaning, if you want to truly feel a Tantric dimension when you are with me, you must bring two things to the table: a still mind, and a woman-honoring perspective.

The first one I can help with, the latter you have to already have developed as a gentleman.

If Tantra is not exactly your cup of tea, it’s okay with me. I am still great fun as a traditional GFE Companion and enjoy meeting amazing and unique people.

I’m excited to be a spiritual pleasure to the top men in the league.

I look forward to your introduction!

TURN-ONS: Thoughtfulness, integrity, deposits, perfect hygiene, planning ahead, dark chocolate.
Mid 30s  | 38″-26″-38″ | 127 lbs | all natural “goddess curves” | green eyes | fabulous times
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