For a soulful and meditative experience, look no further.

Let’s see if this is you.

You have everything in the world, but you are not fully awakened.

You go to sleep at night without enough satisfaction, and wonder how much longer you can ignore such feelings.

You are a natural leader, engaging and humorous in a way only those closest to you understand. Genius and humanitarian motives flow through your veins, and you’ve shaped your world and business a thousand times.

You wake up full of passion and drive for your work, but in your intimate relationships that same purposeful taste, essence and enthusiasm is not there.

Where in the world do you look? Where can your every layer find full satisfaction?

Where can your heart, mind, skin and soul feel FULL-FILLED? And better yet, who can truly understand you?

Hi, my name is Tashizelle and I get you. I have seen this and heard this a thousand times. I know what you are made of, and what someone of your make-up truly needs and desires.

Come explore the world of fusing spirituality and sexuality with me and let’s see where it takes us.

Through my lifelong dedication to both Tantra and Yoga I have come to see what is missing from people all across the world, from all cultures and all walks of life. It’s taken much dedication and passion to get to where I am, and now my passion is sharing it with you.

My conclusion: No matter how many partners, how sexy they are, or how much love there is; no matter how much pornography, how many toys, fetishes or crafty ideas one has…without spiritual sex there will always be a sense of empty within us.

Sacred sexuality is a mystery – difficult to understand, find and experience practically…but together we can.

You have everything, done everything, and can do anything…and now you are here, with a new possibility.

What will you do?


July – London + California

August – London (+ Europe)

September – London (+ Europe)

October – London (+ Europe)

November – London + New York

December – New York

*Booking in advance will ensure our time together