We’ve taken a liking to one another, and weekly transactions no longer suit our interactive nature. Let’s be more flexible in meeting, and enjoy each other’s company more fluidly.

The below is simply my idea, and I invite yours!



  • Shall anything unexpected arise, I expect us both to be reasonable, fair, and expertly cordial, coming to a conclusion with swift ease! 
  • Benefits include: 1. Taking advantage of my consecutive-day rate, even if our meeting days are not consecutive, 2. Not being responsible for my travel/flight expenses as I travel back and forth from NYC or Europe to meet you, however if so a small allowance is appreciated to cover luggage cost and taxis, 3. Additional generous time spent together, because you are generous and so I can be too and exceed your expectations, 4. First priority on my schedule always as I will be most excited to see you. 5. No cancellation fees.




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