I offer a full range of escorting services, from Girlfriend Experience (GFE) to the depths of Tantric Ritual. Click here for a booking today.

Are you looking for something different? An experience that is more authentic and real because you’re tired of the fake facades and can smell them from a mile away.

Do you want someone that is…

– Truly enamored by you, deeply looking at you every chance she gets, and touching and holding you in public?

– That stands out and takes the breath of an entire room away when she walks in?

Do you want the company of someone…

– You can take to any occasion without fear of embarrassment because she has a corporate business background?

– You can enjoy dinner with, and even dancing, that is amazing on the dance floor?

– That is a spiritually faceted, well-educated, FUN, sharp-minded girlfriend that has traveled the world and speaks many languages?

Anything else you want? I would love to know.

Contact me now.

1 hour – £350

1.5 hours – £500 (recommended for first meeting)

2 hours – £650

4 hours – £1,200 (dinner date)

8 hours – £2,250

12 hours – £3,250

*Please inquire for longer engagements.

My deepest art is revealed here, and dedicate this time to distinguished professional men who are ready to experience the depth of their sexual pleasure and spiritual potential.

Everything you need to know for sacred sexuality, from A to Z, we can discover together. This sex style is best suited for you if you have so much sexual energy that sometimes you don’t know what to do with it, and if you are genuinely looking to get into the path of authentic Tantra.

This sex style is best suited for you if you have so much sexual energy that sometimes you don’t know what to do with it, and if you are genuinely looking to get into the path of authentic Tantra.

Before I continue, you need to know that having no sex, great sex, hot sex, super f*cking hot sex, are not the same as Sacred Sex or Tantric Sex.

Thus, even if you are having AMAZING sex, trust me, it can get way way, way way, better.

Tantric sex is a totally new level of experience. Imagine seating inside of a Bentley for the first time. How does it feel? Where will it take you? Will the ride feel different? Guaranteed! It will feel nothing like your mustang, your huge truck or your beamer….and you’ll never want to sit in anything less than a Bentley again.

Here you will experience a custom-made blend of opening your chakras, aligning your energy system, and building your sensual fantasy.

My tools include secret Tantric meditations, ancient tantra rituals, cranial sacral, and other modalities that move your body and mind into a more expansive field of consciousness. 

From that point, the lovemaking is out of this world.

You will learn everything you need to know about Tantric sex, step-by-step, and love every single memorable and meaningful moment with me.

Topics and tantric practices can revolve around stamina, ejaculation mastery, your full body orgasm, the 8 ways a woman can orgasm, authenticity, becoming a masterful lover, invoking sacred space, how to apply all this build up of energy into your real life for business power.

Obviously, the more times we meet, the more your understanding of Tantra and sex-wisdom-power will continue to build.

If you so wish, you will be given a 49-day Tantra Yoga practice, custom-made especially for your energy pleasure body, and the boosting of your current life goals. I will teach you how all the power you generate applies towards taking your career and money to the next level.

I very much look forward to serving you in this way, and seeing a new, very sexy, and spiritually in-tune lover inside of you come out and take lead!

2-hour minimum

2 hours – £650

4 hours – £1,200 (dinner date)

8 hours – £2,250

12 hours – £3,250

*Please inquire for longer engagements.

I invite you to make come true the dreams that you forgot you had.

In this “no-mask” space of raw power and true freedom, come experience the 6 Stages of Tantric Lovemaking.

This offering suits you best if you are known to be an amazing lover, and are ready to take your overall physical and spiritual awareness to levels others call “fantasy.”

I will guide this sacred space with natural fluidity, and it will not feel mechanical so we can both sink into experiencing elevated states of awareness, personal breakthroughs, and maximized pleasure.

You will…

– Experience different orgasmic fields as we explore alternative timings, reverse rhythms, tantric kissing, slow and intuitively present sexuality that turns any interaction into a meditative experience.

– Learn to feel your energy body (chakras) and become more sensitive to touch so that you can increase your pleasure quotient in intimate situations.

– Walk away expanded into new realms of power, clarity, and focus, have a reestablished vision of your truest potential, what you are here to do in this world, and how you are here to experience it.

– Understand a woman’s body to a whole new level and how that benefits your spirituality, personal power, and life.

– Be empowered with new sacred tools and techniques to integrate into your sex style for yours and your partners maximum pleasure, increased intimacy and connection.

We can also explore how to have sex without ejaculating if you so choose to learn this non-emissive, multi-orgasmic practice.

If you wish, you will also be provided with a personally customized daily Tantra yoga energy practice to do for 49 days to continue opening your energy and sexual/spiritual virility and executive mental power.

Yes this experience will blow your mind as it did mine in India many years ago.

It will be an honor to initiate you into the path of spiritual lovemaking.

2-hour minimum

2 hours – £650

4 hours – £1,200 (dinner date)

8 hours – £2,250

12 hours – £3,250

*Please inquire for longer engagements.

This is my specialty with amazing success and results every time.

Ejaculation Mastery is a cornerstone practice of Tantra, that makes it so a man can have sex indefinitely – meaning – lasting for as long as he wants, usually 4 to 6 hours of consecutive penetrative sex.

This definitely puts both people into a trance-like, transcendental state, where much knowledge, wisdom, power, and remembrance is unlocked inside a person.

Over time, ejaculation mastery has become my specialty, leading you towards what first seems like an impossible task.

No it does NOT happen overnight, NO it is not for every man’s body, yes it IS possible to have orgasm after orgasm without ejaculating and without “blue balls”, and yes it IS healthy…plus spirituality enlivening.

I will teach you all this.

Ejaculation Mastery is definitely a rising trend, and a great accomplishment in a man’s life once it is mastered.

At first it seems like an impossibility to have a full body, 100 times more pleasurable orgasm, without ejaculating, but the day it happens is the day you will never go back to being the same.

There are tricks, pitfalls, tantra yoga practices, and correctly inspired motivations, when it comes to this superior study, and knowing them from the beginning will save you tons of disheartenment in the end.

Unfortunately, so many are teaching only a small piece of this today. With video products or weekend workshops, which fail to help a person with exactly what his individual body needs over time through this important transformation. This leaves many men with an additional compression, shame, and performance-oriented, no-feel good sexual thoughts and experiences.

I’ve become dishearted watching this trend occur, and cater to the whole person, over time, helping them extend their orgasmic power to a degree that is healthy and pleasurable for their body and mind today.

Especially if you are confused and/or curious with the topic of “never ejaculating again”, let me clear and empower all that in you…

…and move you into a whole new space of ability and pleasure.

2-hour minimum

2 hours – £650

4 hours – £1,200 (dinner date)

8 hours – £2,250

12 hours – £3,250

*Please inquire for longer engagements.

I look forward to escaping with you into a land of adventure and pleasure!

The more time we spend together, the more it will shift much of what you know about sex, your body,

The more time we spend together, the more it will shift much of what you know about your body, women and spirituality.

I have a couple of passports and have traveled consistently half my life across the globe, making me a travel pro and easy companion during what can sometimes be stressful travel situations.

Moreover, if it is decided that Tantra is a path you wish to explore deeper, this is where we can go further into it all. I am fully initiated, fully skilled, and fully experienced to take you very far along the Tantric path.

As it is that which I hold most sacred, and with the understanding that it is not something that can be learned overnight…I reserve this style of deep connection to those ready to “escape” with me.

Every day you are with me in this way, is a day where your self-breakthroughs and self-realizations go deeper.

This can happen on the road as we travel, or at home as we retreat together in bed for a day or more.

I will spoil and nurture you until you forget everything, and remember only that which matters the most.

If you are the type of man that operates from his heart, loves and respects women, is globally-minded, and wants to explore the art and self-liberation of being a spiritual lover…discuss this further with me in person.

Contact me for pricing

Accessing different vibrations of the human body provides a person with a completely new range of intimacy, sensuality, personal power, and pleasure.

Interacting with me on such a deep level over time might open this desire and direction within you to explore a more result-focused style of tantric sensuality and connection.

This is very high-level spiritual work, no one else expresses it in the way that I do, and it is not for everybody.

However, you should know that whether you do this or not, I already do it on my own. Meaning, before every time we meet, I engage and connect my body with universal energy. If you are energetically sensitive, you will undoubtedly feel the difference.

Once we spend more than 24 hours together, you will naturally see how I fuel my body with universal energy and might get curious and want to get involved.

Then you also will have a personalized and highly-effective roadmap to reaching this universal energy by yourself every day, and…now there are two of us with completely activated energy bodies, making our connection 1000 times more electric.


I mapped out the sacredness of your body so you can experience deeper intimacy and spirituality in the bedroom.

The 50-minute version of this audio + Sacred Body Map will be sent to you after our first meeting upon request.

For now, please listen to my unique approach to Tantra.