Want to embark on an unforgettable Bedroom Priestess Experience?

Unlike Tantra GFE Companionship, where Tantra is salt-and-peppered throughout and there is no teaching or techniques involved, Bedroom Priestess is all about Mastering Ancient Alchemical Pleasure Techniques.

By taking the Tantric Man in-person or online journey, you will learn your sacred self and your sensual potency on a deep level, from my Master’s mouth straight to your ears.

Yes you will become the lover women dream of…but that is only the beginning.

You probably read Tantra books, tried a few Tantra techniques, and researched endlessly on the internet. Yet, it still all does not make complete sense, you have many questions, and/or you have not yet completely Mastered the Art.

I invite you to review the below document and reach out to me today.


This is your opportunity to learn and Master Tantric Methods as practiced in ancient India and Egypt. 


$2,500 | £2,000 | €1200  – Taste of Mastery | 3 hrs

$12,500 | £10,000 | €6,000 – Level 1 | Path of the Warrior | 6 sessions, 2-3 hrs each

$15,000 | £12,000 | €8,000 – Level 2 | Path of the Samurai | 6 sessions, 3-4 hrs each

$16,000 | £14,000 | €10,000 – Level 3 | Path of Mastery | 6 sessions, 5 hrs each

*All Couples Welcome! + $2,000 | £1,500 | €1,000 per Level (per 6 sessions)

I couldn’t be more excited to train a special few, as you become the most memorable encounter a woman can have…as well as master the intersection of harnessed energy and executive power. 



  • Online Tantric Man Training also available here.
  • I will answer questions during your intro session.
  • $ rates for when I am physically in USA, £ for when I am physically in the UK, € for when I am in Europe.
  • My travel costs are included in the above since I have a thriving business so thank the gentlemen that fly me to your country regularly that enables me to train you.
  • If my varying country rates don’t make sense to you, consider my trip length, amount of prep for each country, and days out of work due to jetlag.
  • Additional 15% discount when paying with Cryptocurrency.
  • These sessions can be combined with Fly Me To You, Arrangements & Exotic Executive Vacations when meeting for 6 hours or more.
  • Sessions are sequential as your schedule allows, typically monthly.
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