I’m based in London and travel to various locations throughout Europe monthly or bi-monthly, such as Amsterdam, and Berlin. I also tour throughout USA, California and Hawaii mostly.

My personal favorite place to spoil clients is on my favorite Greek Island for an unimaginable VIP vacation.

Travel is possible to other locations upon request.

Make sure you contact me to let me know where you will be well ahead of time!

My roots are a very international mix, thus I’ve been traveling the world since my youth, and as an adult, fully funded by my other (main) business.

My personal world travel experiences, along with my international roots, make it seamless for me integrate into almost any environment and culture.

I very much look forward to meeting you!

Are you available for travel?

Yes! Travel runs through my veins! I have an American passport and my bags are always packed. Please provide as much notice as possible.

Contact me to let me know where you wish to meet.

Is this your full time job?

Obviously not. This is my full-time passion, but not my full-time work.

I have a full life of professional interests and creative pursuits.

My time is limited, however, this work brings my heart the most joy. I love being a companion to a few VERY special, excelled-hearted, unique men that want more out of life.

If this is you…I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you.

Why the personal questions on the screening form?

I know it can seem like a big deal or a drag.

However, the questions on the Screening Form are standard verification procedures for our mutual comfort and safety.

The process is completely discrete and confidential. You can trust that.

It is required only once, and it is a painless and streamlined process.

Even thought it might feel off-putting at first, by going through the verification process you are ensuring that our time together is spent in concord.

Is the screening process discrete?

Yes. My verification method is time-tested and proven fit for clients requiring the highest levels of discretion. It is always without question that your privacy will be guarded to the most secure standards.

Is screening necessary?

Yes, screening is required without exception or negotiation.

What are references?

In lieu of employment verification as a main method of screening, I accept references if you have recently (within 6 months) seen reputable companions who would be willing to vouch that you are a gentleman in good standing.

What is Tantra?

In short, it is an energetic way of going about life, sexuality, business, important life decisions, and more.

Tantra teaches that there is an innate power inside every individual which can be turned on. Once it is turned, all life aspects are available to gear shift into total fulfillment.

This “energetic world-view” has been repeatedly proven to bring more money, bliss, ultimate freedom and pleasure, and a higher orgasmic quotient into a person’s life.

Might sound over the top, I know…but a few hours with me and you WILL feel the difference.

How can Tantra Yoga make me an even better lover?

By extracting even more of your innate power and totality of your masculinity.

You can trust that there will be a notable shift in whatever area of sexuality and personal growth you need the most.

Some shifts are physical – thanks to the ancient yoga practice – some are mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • Ability to last up to 4 hours without ejaculating
  • Ability to increase the power and feeling of your orgasm
  • Ability to increase stamina naturally
  • Ability to have total ejaculation control
  • Ability to be constantly spiritually in-tune
  • Ability to be emotionally in-tune and heart-connected with your lover
  • Ability to be completely present with your pleasure vibrations
  • Ability to be completely present with your partner’s pleasure vibrations and help them ride those vibrations towards longer more orgasmic durations.
  • Ability to release your “go-to-pattern” during sex (that same thing you do all the time) and be so vibrationally in tune that new positions, new ways of tasting and feeling happen instead, leading to S O  M U C H  M O R E  P L E A S U R E.
  • Relax after a break-up or loss and anchor in a wider vision of happiness after grief.
  • Ability to be the best and most soulful lover you can be.
  • Ability to have completely mind-blowing, transcendental experiences during sex.

I don't know anything about Tantra. Is that cool?

Yes! Exploring Tantra with someone like you lights me up because I know you’ll understand it better and faster than you think once you are in the presence of a pro that can explain things in a grounded and scientific manner. You’ll soon realize that Tantra is a natural part of you, and most likely a part of you that has been craving for some attention.

Not into Tantra, but would like to get to know you. Cool?

Absolutely! I’m an easy person to get along with and I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. I am also perfectly fine with simply being a spiritually faceted companion. I know we will find so many similarities between us and have a very memorable time together.

Been studying yoga and tantra for years. Can I learn anything new?

Well yah hun! You know the list of “learning something new” is lengthy. Plus, I am sure since you are a practitioner we can call-in and uncover tons more together by sharing such a deeply ritualistic present space.

If I wanted to learn about Tantra on a continuous basis, can you help?

Yes!  Customizing Tantric teachings and Tantric Practices for your specific life goals, and your body’s specific energetic system, is actually my highest expertise.

I have developed and time-tested, personalized methods, of teaching over the past 10 years that will completely transform aspects of health, business, and sexual virility.

My look, body stats, and preferences

My hourglass figure and beauty radiate.

I own the gift of 5 planets in Scorpio.

You will love being with a headturner that no one can categorize or put inside a box.

My sophisticated and timeless beauty is accentuated with dark brown hair and deep dark green eyes so mysterious and deep that you’ll be glued.

In short, if you can’t see that wisdom is the sexiest thing on my body, my stats and measurements don’t mean a thing.

Age: early 30s

Bra Size: 36 DD – natural

Yoni: Fully Waxed

Dress Size: 8

Weight: 58 kilos

Stats: 38″, 26″, 38″

Everyday: Yoga, Dance, Mediation.

Look: A Real Woman. Hourglass, Elegant, Classy, with Obvious Depth and Unique Flavor….there is nothing fake on me or about me.

Vegetarian – and no drugs of any kind.

No alcohol either, but with you, I might enjoy wine if it is the best.

Drug and Alcohol Policy & Preferences


If drugs are notices or an altered state in you is noticed, our meeting will come to an instant end and no refunds will be provided.


I like to treat my body with kindness. My preference is not to drink, however, my higher preference is to blend in and enjoy the occasion. So yes, I can enjoy one glass of wine maximum.

I ask that you know your limits, and stay in a merry but sober mood throughout our time together.

Are your pictures really you?

All pictures, except the pictures on the Blog Posts, are real, authentic, recent and of me. I’ve been told I am even more beautiful in person.

Details: The picture on the Home Page, and all Main Menu pictures across the top  (i.e., About Me, About You, etc) are all me.

The images on the Blog Posts are NOT me…unless also added in the GALLERY.

So yes…all pictures in the GALLERY & INSTAGRAM are of me and real.


July – California

August – London (+ Europe)

September – London (+ VIP Greece)

October – London (+ Europe)

November – London + New York

December – New York

*Booking in advance will ensure our time together