Please Read Entirely

$900 – 1 hour | of bliss

$1000 – 1.5 hours | recommended for first meeting

$1,250 – 2 hours | a deeper connection

$1,850 – 3 hours | tea and laughter

$2,250 – 4 hours  | dinner date

$2,750 – 5 hours  | chemisty

$3,250 – 6 hours | a night out

$4,250 – 8 hours | too much fun

$7,000 – 14 hours | yoga with your morning coffee?

*Inquire directly for longer engagements. 
*Add $50-$75 for Outcall rendezvous under 2 hours.
*All dates 3 hours or longer must include public social time.
*All dates 6 hours or longer require a 50% deposit to set aside this time.
*Cancellations within 24 hours of our planned meeting have a 50% cancelation fee.
*Cancellations within 12 hours or less are responsible for 100% of the meeting fee.

I only accept Cash or Bitcoin, and sometimes gift cards. My rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice, however, the rate at the time your confirmed date will always apply.


Please show up with minty fresh breath, with no trace of smoke or alcohol.

Handling my donation in a discrete manner is both expected and appreciated. If we are meeting in private, I ask that you leave my donation in an unmarked envelope in plain sight, upon my or your arrival. Envelopes can be found at any ATM machine.

If we are meeting in public, I prefer that you enclose my donation in a gift bag or gift card, and presented to me within the first 5 minutes of meeting. Make sure I don’t have to ask.

If there’s a possibility that you would like to extend our time together, please be familiar with my rates as I do not discuss them in person.

I appreciate 8 hours of sleep for all overnight engagements.

My rates are for my time and companionship only and they are all-inclusive. While tips and gifts are always appreciated, they are absolutely never expected.

My rates are non-negotiable. Any attempt to negotiate my rates either in person, via email or text, will result in the immediate and abrupt end to our communication our time together.


In the event of a first cancellation in the 12 to 24 hour window, a cancellation fee of 50% will apply. A cancellation with 12 hours or less notice, is responsible for 100% of the scheduled meeting fee.  Furthermore, I reserve the right to request that any subsequent bookings be pre-paid ahead of time. While I strive to be lenient and understanding, a lot of preparation goes into our time together so I appreciate your understanding in the application of this policy.


I am always passport ready, addicted to travel, and enjoy extended experiences.

Travel expenses, including roundtrip airfare, 4 or 5-star accommodation, transportation, and meals are covered by you.

I fly first class within USA, and first class or business class Internationally. If you want to fly me on a private charter, I will not argue #bonuspoints!


$2,000 – 2 hours | USA only

$2,500 – 3 hours | USA only

$3,250 – 4 hours  | USA only

$4,000 – 5 hours  | USA + International

$4,500 – 6 hours | USA + International

$5,750 – 8 hours | USA + International

$7,000 – 14 hours | USA + International

*30% deposit plus the cost of airfare is required to set aside this time.
*I appreciate 8 hours of sleep for all overnight engagements.
*I appreciate 2-4 hours of personal time to prep for full day excursions.
*If our date will not be a 12 hour overnight, you are responsible for my 4-5 star accommodation.

*Email me for longer engagements.

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