This is in-depth classical energy training. Offering down-to-earth spirituality and high-end discretion to celebrity couples. Elite Lovemaking™ shares my most core-distilled secrets, that are beyond the books, beyond the schools, and proven effective and applicable across all hearts, bodies and minds. 

You will experience and deeply feel first hand what lovemaking feels like in each vibration…because I know there are levels of pleasure you are not hitting!

Each Chakra-focused Lovemaking Ritual I guide you through will be, and undoubtedly feel, very different from the next, and be extremely steamy for you. It is important to note I am hands-off in the process, and not an observer of your intimate time together.



3 Hours, one time | $2,000

Experience what Tantric Sexuality takes, and what it is, to determine if it is right for you.


Complete Training in 3 Stages, 3 Sessions for each Stage, 3 hours each Session, plus intermittent phone follow-up, for a total of 9 Sessions.

3 Sessions, $5,500 (save $500) | 9 Sessions, $15,500 (save $2,500)

I am here to support you fully through this transformational exploration, and so I will guide each step clearly for you, and I will be available via phone/text as appropriately needed to ensure you are doing the Chakra practices correctly.


All couples welcome with zero discrimination.

1 night / 2 days – $18,500 | 2 nights / 3 days – $21,500 | 3 nights / 4 days – $25,500

We will meet in location and city of your choice. I will arrange luxury accommodation for you, and everything will be taken care of and is included in the price above, except dinner (and your airfare) so you have your alone time and ample choice. All this is flexible of course as you feel is best for you. The cost may slightly vary on the time of the season, and basic reasoning, i.e., if it’s the middle of July and you contact me with a week’s notice wanting a premier popular destination, and everything is sold out except the $5K per night rooms. Always best to plan in advance. Excited to make your special retreat happen!

*50% deposit (plus all travel expenses if applicable) required to set aside this time. Remainder due in full upon first meeting. *Deposits are non-refundable, unless of course I cancel on you. *Prices do not reflect travel expenses if I am coming to you. *You are responsible for clearing out your schedule to ensure attendance to our weekly sessions. *Cancellation and Etiquette Requirements still apply as noted here.



I am aware we are living in an era where everyone has their own interpretation of Tantra, and so, it can be challenging to determine which Tantra school, or style, is best suited for you, let alone who to trust that won’t cause more problems in your life, and solely has your best interest in mind. A trainer that is clear and in control of the freedom and power of their own sexuality, is what I feel is needed and so I am that way. Basically someone that truly aims to enhance your self-development as an individual, and as a couple. My focus is purely on the energy body, consciousness expansion, and pleasure…otherwise known as, self-sovereignty and personal power. It is not on sexology or various styles of massage.

My training comes from this seed, “Tantra is nothing physical. Once you think it is physical, you will be forever lost.”

Maybe I confused you already because I said it is not physical, but I am enhancing your sex life. The understanding here is, that f you enhance anything about your physical body, it will carry over into the bedroom. For example, if you lost 10 pounds, you’d feel more confident and maybe would want to enjoy sex more often. Or, if you learned to do the splits, surely that would carry over into your sex life. In this training, we are enhancing YOUR ENERGY BODY, and YOUR PHYSICAL BODY has sex. It is still YOUR SAME ONE BODY…so…. The results are yet undiscovered by you, which makes it a very exciting intersection.

Like I always say, if you want to experience Tantric Sex, you need to bring a new mind and a new body into the bedroom.

That is what we are doing, and I will show you how to translate and integrate everything you learn and feel about your energy body, into your physical bedroom realm…and I am hands-off in the process!

*above full-version 50-minute training video sent after package purchase.


I will teach you everything you need to know about your energy body in 3 clear stages…

So you can transform into your most authentic sexual and spiritual expression in the bedroom..

Be fully confident in your ability to create a sacred environment in the bedroom…

And take your relationship and personal growth to the next stage.

My luxurious experiences will shut off your brain, make you think with your hands, and introduce a left-brain approach to sex. You will anchor everyday Tantric practices, and ancient sacred tools and techniques for soulful, pleasure-filled, next-stage, bedroom experiences. Each time we meet you get to learn and experience something new, and add onto your Tantric knowledge. We will focus on accessing the power of a combination of chakras, so you can really realize what this chakra hype and mystery is all about, in a way that is not written in books.


Elite Lovemaking™ – Stage 1

Learn to feel your energetic body map, re-ignite your sexual desire if needed, and deepen your pleasure quotient.

Elite Lovemaking™ – Stage 2

Now we reverse engineer the training so you can master your true sexual identity, not follow a recipe, and learn to safely embody sex magic, ritual and trance.

Elite Lovemaking™ – Stage 3

Advance your personal sex style, learn to be in full commune, unshakable presence and fully embody YOUR definition of sacredness.


For 10 years as a Tantra Coach, I have been the secret force behind music producers, stage performers, professional athletes, authors, and various C-level officers across almost every industry. I have seen the results energetic methods yield every time, and that’s why I know I can make transformational promises.

My aim is not to give you smoke and mirrors about Tantric Sex. It is to make you Tantric…and Tantrics automatically have Tantric Sex. In short, if you want to experience this style of deeper intimacy, you must bring a different mind and a different body into the bedroom! That IS what we are doing here in a legit and long-lasting way. Making this deep shift is my intention here, and you will feel the difference from our first session. Training with me is potent and life-changing. Sessions can be experienced via ongoing 3-hour sessions, or one night or more Couples Private Retreat in a premier destination of your choice.


SESSIONS | 3 Stages – 3 weeks each (recommended weekly or bi-weekly)  – 3 hours each – 6-week break between each Stage.

RETREAT | 1-night, 2-nights or 3-nights, or more.


You will learn exactly how to turn any intimate space into a sacred environment that promotes self-development, deeper love, creates longer ranges of pleasure, fosters deeper connections, and creates mind-blowing occurrences in the bedroom.


– Sexual Confidence – New Lovemaking Intelligence – Access Orgasmic Ecstasy – Master The Intersection of Spirituality & Sexuality


Couples of all bodies and sexual orientations, preferences and identities, that require the highest discretion and someone they can trust, and for some reason are deeply drawn to learning Tantra but don’t know exactly why, or have studied and practiced various aspects of Tantra in the past and have had either positive or not so positive experiences.


My qualifications and quality of work are made obvious on every page of this website. I am certified, empowered, and experienced in this field and as a coach for almost a decade.

1. While many Tantra trainings lack depth, real life-measurable transformation, and real-life practical integration, mine don’t.

2. Most Tantra teachers have had one Tantric partner, or a couple more, have had the most mind-blowing experiences, then feel qualified to teach after being with only a handful of individuals…when truth is, everybody is completely different to work with. I, on the other hand, have had loads more experience, across all people, cultures, bodies, training, belief systems – I even had a boyfriend who said, “I don’t believe in energy” then 10 minutes later had a full body tantric energy orgasm.

3. I have learned were the Tantra schools have failed with untruths and dogmas, from my own experiences because I created my own worldwide classroom. A few key trainings that Tantra schools subscribe too, I have found absolutely untrue when it comes to real-world application, and those are the same untruths that get people very stuck, serve as a pitfall, and do damage to sexual confidence. Thus, another benefit of learning from me is that I do not ascribe to any school or have a need to please any teacher.

4. My only allegiance is to the person or people in the room with me and their specific needs and goals, and I am not concerned in passing down another book, or creating a space of “Spiritualism”.

5. It is very rare to find grounded, spiritual, embodied, real-world practical teachers…so I am glad you are here!


Besides A. becoming centered in your own personal sexual truth, B. becoming the best possible in-tune and spiritual lover C. and orgasmic machine ever… You will walk away with a customized daily Tantra practice to do for 49 days to continue opening your energy and sexual/spiritual virility. After 3 sessions, or after a Retreat, we will have a follow-up over the phone, to ensure you have everything you need and progressing as you desire. Also, if you purchase all 3 stages at once, you will have direct access to me via phone for your specific questions. The 49-day routine will be your Spiritual Schedule and you must do this so that every time we meet we can make progress. If progress isn’t happening, there is only one reason…you didn’t practice and only you can be held accountable. Otherwise the rate of success is 100% no doubt. We will work together to ensure that it fits into your everyday life, whether that is 5 minutes or 30 minutes, we will make it suits your lifestyle needs.


I will share more about the specific agenda items that you will be leaning when we first skype, and later provide a clear and personalized agenda after our first in-person meeting so that we have a roadmap to follow best on your desires and needs.


“I’ve never felt anything like this in my entire life. Last night I tried the technique you showed us. I felt something so powerful at the end of it I almost passed out. I had to sit down and then I had to lay down. I was sitting here having heartgasm and my whole body was quivering. I feel so much energy inside of me, something I’ve never felt before in my entire life.” I had to write immediately and tell you that I had a full body orgasm today. I have been practicing the exercises you taught and I have had some crazy crazy CRAZY energy rising. I wanted to thank you for opening this door for me. The teachings have been life changing. I’m feeling limitless after this experience tonight! Thank you!” “He’s moving the energy and feeling more comfortable with it. Automatically starting drinking less coffee and more water and coconut water. He’s expressing himself more openly with me and I with him. The exercises have helped immensely as well, he told me what you recommended to do and not to do. Thank You SO MUCH for your support through the process!” “I am feeling increased confidence already, and my sex drive is insane. My husband and I have connected more deeply this week than we have in years. I am healing and it’s beautiful!”


I’ve been an International Upscale Tantric Companion since 2017 and catered to every top-level industry imaginable. I have worked with celebrities, professional athletes and every C-level in existence. I understand the discretion needed and required by those in the limelight, and how to ensure it. Moreover, I have been a Tantra Coach since 2011. In both cases, I have a reputation that I love, and dissolving yours, certainly ruins mine. Plus I have this thing inside me that treats everyone with the same goodness, no matter who they are. I cannot be bought or pressured from any direction, you or them, and are overall very karma oriented.


If you would rather purchase a Retreat Experience, and do not have the opportunity to meet me in-person for a first one-time meeting, I understand it would be essential to see my face and build trust before we all hop on a plane. After we have completed your Screening, we will have a Skype call and clarify any needed details before we further move forward.


If we haven’t already met, after you are verified, we will meet in person for our first session. From there, you may decide if you’d like to keep learning, exploring and mastering, and we can continue to meet for a set of 3 more sessions and/or a very incredible Private Retreat in a relaxing and rejuvenating location for the most sensual and eye-opening time of your life! Questions? Ask me today. Click here.


A special note if you are scared to tell your partner about this website or me. Trust me…she would RUN to this! Trust me….he would RUN to this! Contact me and I will help you formulate the best way to bring this up to your partner.

You have NO idea how amazing this is going to be for you! Can’t wait to watch it all unfold!!



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