With the intention of keeping in close touch with a few I have already met and shared great times with, I offer Exclusive Videos, Tantra Esoteric Knowledge, and my Touring Schedule with you first so that we have the first opportunity to meet.

I am creating a specially crafted Page for you to access with a password.

It is on the VIP List dropdown menu labeled: “VIP ACCESS.”

I will be emailing you once a month (twice at the most) so you can be:

1. The first to know my Tour Schedule

2. The only one to gain access to my Video Blogs

3. The only one to receive exclusive Tantra Videos

If you haven’t received anything from me, email, text, or click here to let me know.

*Note: Your info is 100% confidential, and I run this 100% internally and manually with no 3rd party newsletter company risking your privacy. I will not spam you.

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