No matter where in the world you are, I am only a few buttons away. Think of me as an on-call aphrodisiac.



For years you have been telling me how much you love my voice. Coupled with my sensorial, tactile, imaginative, sultry nature that makes you feel at ease and on fire at the same time, is now recognized by me as an innate skillset. The feedback I have been receiving has been mindblowing. I love late nights, or early mornings with you too, and I am there with you every step of the way. Come. Let’s enjoy a racy phone convo tonight.

$125 – 30 mins – Sultry Convo 

$200 – 60 mins – Sultry Convo

$275 – 60 mins – Tantric Racy Convo | Learn Tantric techniques while in a steamy convo with me.



For good vibes, Tantra questions, and genuine connections! Let’s keep in touch, further our connection…and trip plan for the future!

$75 – 30 mins – Text

$100 – 30 mins – Talk

$200 – 60 mins – Video



I have been able to successfully craft my Tantric Man Training onto an Online Program. It is incredibly effective and popular, with gents in the US, UK and EU learning how to Master Tantric Sex while studying with me Online. More below.

$350 – 60 mins – Tantric Man Training Online – Video – PG | Info here and here

$450 – 75 mins – Couples’ Date Night Online – Video | Full info here










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