I realized that my sensual and my spiritual drive are one and the same.

Being born in Europe and raised in America, I began a surprisingly successful corporate career at the age of 18.

I quickly became uninspired, and I instead started an online business that gave me the opportunity to travel throughout the East, mostly in India, with the intention of better understanding my spirituality, my practice, and thus myself.

I ended up living in 6 different countries…and Tantra found me every step of the way.

I studied bioenergy with awakened teachers and yoga masters, from the depths of Kashmiri Shivism Tantric Traditions, Tibetan Buddhism, received a Vajrayogini Dakini Initiation, and learned Egyptian Sacred Sexuality.

I’ve spent over a decade in this study and teaching, and I hold the gift of giving your body sensually what it energetically needs.

Did that sound confusing? When you meet me it will make more sense.


Blessed, passport ready, Tantra and travel expert, that loves planning surprises for those I admire.

As a highly-rated, International Upscale Tantric Escort (TER 327033), I am based in NYC, and travel monthly to London and more.

I operate from a place of vibrancy and enjoy long-term connecting.

For those 10 years I was blessed to travel oversees studying sacred energy, experiencing and witnessing things you can only imagine.

In short, I received a different “user’s manual” for a body…

and what can awaken in your experience will surprise you, as much as it continues to surprise me.

I’m excited to connect with top gentlemen, bringing companionship encounters to another level.

Sidenote, if Tantra is not exactly your cup of tea, it’s okay with me. I am still great fun as a traditional GFE and enjoy meeting amazing and unique people.

My European look, American accent, exotic look, green eyes and feminine curves, are something you will love to admire.

As your not-so-next-door”yoga girl, you can expect to be greeted with smiles, laughter, good vibes, and a mystery in the air.

Many have commented that spending time with me feels incredibly healing, energizing and thought-provoking.

My weekly routine involves yoga, dance, weight training, meditation and vegan meals, since leading a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance to me.

In my spare time I business coach other women in holistic industries at no cost to them. This is thanks to my suitors who endlessly support me.

If that wasn’t enough ambition one one person, I am currently enrolled in a specialized holistic therapy training that will take a year to complete.

I appreciate everyone helping me achieve my goals and express my passions.

Hope you have a thing for down-to-earth gorgeous yoga girls.

Let’s go have an amazing time! Desert is on me!

I select my suitors carefully and not in a plentiful light. 


I am told I am the best tantra girlfriend in USA and Europe, because I “teach” my way.


I’ve traveled the world studying the intersection of sexual energy and dance, and continue too. Allow a blend of mystical trance dances from Morocco, Thailand temple dances, and sensual belly dances to feast your eyes and get your heart pumping.


I have loved the few yoga dates I have gone on. They were incredibly stimulating! It If you ever practice with me you’ll be hooked. Otherwise, feel free to watch me.


I practice styles that stop your mind’s chatter in 60 seconds or less, helping you access deeper stillness quickly, and a ecstatic wavelengths in the mind, bringing through peace, awareness and ultimate creativity leading to more focus and success. The longer we date, and the more vacations we embark upon, the more we will have opportunities to dive deep.


This is the backbone of everything mentioned above, as the knowledge of sublimating sexual energy into spiritual energy is embedded in all that I do, and all the above. These aspects are esoteric and mystical, and definitely made for face-to-face conversations. Extended time together is rationally required.


This is an osteopathic-like modality which works to expand your consciousness hands-on.


One of the most healing vibrations you’ll ever hear. On longer dates, allow me to elevate your senses with the few classical instruments I play.

I look forward to exploring with you!








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