“I realized that my sensual and my spiritual drive are one and the same.”

I’ve always thought of myself as more than a just a physical body. In my meditations, I would experience a “bubble” around me that would open and expand.

I soon realized, that bubble was a part of my body and it belonged to me.

I would find myself praying, not God, not to a Goddesses, but calling upon the strength and guidance of all the men that have made love to this body and soul in my lifetimes before.

I knew the love, pleasure and awakening would be memorized in my skin.

I concluded that in my body is where all answers lie; not in my mind or in a God outside myself.

Here is when I realized that my sensual and my spiritual drive, are one and the same.

I began a journey traveling the East (mostly India) to better understand my spirituality, my practice, and thus myself. Tantra found me.

I’ve spent over a decade in this study, and I hold the gift of giving your body sensually what it energetically needs.

You might be wondering, “What is Tantra? Tantra offers yoga tools and methods that expand consciousness, and evolve the human blueprint. You just have to find the right tool and technique that best fits your energetic blueprint, thus finding your best personal path of self-development.

The ability to pinpoint exactly what your “bubble” needs, has become my expertise.

It is my hope that you are relaxed, open-minded, and know how to have a good time.

My favorite days have extended beyond sensual explorations, and into being your go-to-confidant.

Whether you are in business, sports or arts if you have to make important decisions, and prefer to make them from a spiritual and purposeful perspective I can help you.

I look forward to helping you handle corporate and global issues from a place of new-found spirituality and success.

My favorite place to be is in the depths of your true heart and higher mind as we explore more intimate, vulnerable, emotional, meditative and soulful aspects of pleasure and interaction, with respect and reverence.

My biggest desire is to know you, feel you, and see you completely.

Maybe one day we will meet in person.

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