For a Pleasure-filled, Soulful Experience, Look No Further


Let’s see if this is you.

You have everything in the world, but you are not fully awakened.

You go to sleep at night not feeling satisfied, and wonder how much longer you can ignore such feelings.

You are a natural leader, engaging and humorous in a way only those closest to you understand.

You wake up full of passion and drive for your work, but in your intimate relationships, that same purposefulness and enthusiasm is not there.

Where do you look?

Where can your heart, mind, and soul feel fulfilled? And better yet, who can truly understand you?

I get you. I know what someone of your make-up truly needs and desires.

You will be greeted with a mystery in the air that will have your heart beating loudly.

My penetrating eyes will want to know all that you are trying to tell me.

If you feel nervous, you will instantly become at ease when we meet thanks to the overwhelm of positive energy I carry.

Talk about time travel, anything technology-based, or anything deemed “nerdy” and you’ll find me turned-on and smiling.

Long-term relating is my favorite since I will really enjoy getting to know your unique nature…and the magic that unfolds in privacy and outdoors in the crisp-aired night.

Do I need you to know anything about Tantra or want to know anything about Tantra?

No. I believe you are already drawn to me for reasons we don’t need to know or control…but just feel right.

I want you to be yourself. Passion will arise with ease.

I know you have everything, done everything, can do anything, and now you are here…facing a new encounter.

What will you do?

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