If you notice your favorite physical things about a woman, you’ll have images flashing in your mind of circles, ovals, and all sorts of curvatures and roundness.

Expanding that vision outwards, you will notice some of YOUR body’s best qualities are also in cyclical, oval, cylindrical, curveturous.

When you really think about it, there are no linear lines in your body, or mine, or anyone’s.

When think about it a little more, you’ll realize, there are no linear lines in nature. The world’s rivers and lands are made of curves, lushness, and circles like the golden ratio…like our body.

Tantra reminds us of this, and holds as a core philosophy, that to create something you can actually see here on earth, you need Power…

And that anything created here on earth, thus anything that your yes can actually see, is considered the Feminine Principle, aka Power.

This nature all around us, this nature in its natural wild state, represents the sheer power of freedom to create.

This is the Tantric feminine principle referred to as Shakti. (Not female per se, so don’t get confused).

Her companion is Shiva, representing aspects on this earth that you cannot actually see. What is that? Can you imagine for a moment? 

I won’t get into the Shiva aspect too much here, however, Shiva is everything you cannot see. What could that be?

It is justice, confidence, determination, focus, balance. These are aspects you cannot see, but can definitely feel.

For example, when a woman walks into the room, you see lots of things, and possibly notice invisible qualities such as her confidence, in addition to her visible qualities such as her curves.

That is you noticing her Shiva, invisible confidence, and her visible created curvatures, Shakti.

Shiva is the Wisdom behind something, and Shakti is the Power.

Some teachers say that in this day and age, the problem with the world is that people have too much wisdom, or thought and ideas, but not enough power to bring them into aligned creation into the world for everyone to see. 

Meaning, most are missing the Feminine Principle inside them, the Shakti, the Power, the Freedom to Create.

I’ll just leave that statement there for you, and get back to the points I want to focus on here today.

Back to Shakti, feminine principle, Power.

You should know, anytime you read a Tibetan Tantric Buddhist text, when they are referring to a woman or female consort, they will not address her as such. They will refer to her as “the Power.”

My path in life is Svatantrya Tantra, the power of absolute freedom.

Maybe you’ve noticed.

This Shiva and Shakti, is inside each person, inside every single physical body, no matter the sex or sexual identity, everyone is made of visible and invisible elements according to Tantric Tradition. That is the nature of creation….

And by the way, none of which is linear.

So let me clarify Wisdom and Power in a way that might make more sense. Let’s make it practical.

You know when you want to do something, whether it is just you, or your team or your organization at work, and you plan, and strategize and it’s clear in your head, and you have meetings after meetings, and try after try, and (hopefully you didn’t fall for this) your brain tricks you into thinking you are actually doing something because you’ve been thinking and planning it, but in all actuality, your personal goal, or your organization’s project, hasn’t gotten anywhere?

Surely, you know this all too well.

Tantrics would say, you, and/or your team, are lacking Shakti, Power. Basically you have no energy for creation. No energy to create or make a project. And if you do make this project come to life, if you push from this point, you will create something short-lived, and/or simply not in alignment with nature or the world. It will not result success in the grander sense.

In my corporate days as a Yogini I would notice this, and see nothing but good money go behind bad projects that were going nowhere. No one would believe me if I told them then, “Hey guys you are just not have sex the right way.” But that day will come.


A person connected to their Female Principle would be able to help you connect to your body better.

In the practical example above, there is too much Wisdom and no Power. The feminine and masculine principle are not blending, and thus, you or your team have no engine to go anywhere, just a fancy shell of a car.

If we take a step back from all this, yes typically a woman’s inner development and gift would default to Shakti and having endless Power to create, and man’s would be Shiva, wisdom.

It is rare that a person is both imaginative and logical, creative and practical, or as some of you have said to me, “I’m turned on by all that type A you have hiding under your spiritual skirt” LOL!

In all cases we can take a step back and ask ourselves…

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Now that we are aware of these dimensions of Wisdom and Power, and their necessity in co-creation of life, maybe we can hold and embody a wider range of respect, value, admiration and healthy need for one another. From this perspective, relationships between people can hold a very beautiful interplay.

And with that said, the famous “Tantric Yab Yum posture” I am demonstrating above and you’ve seen on Thankas in Buddhist Temples, is not a mere sex position. There is MUCH more to it than meets the eye.

YES it is a symbol of Wisdom and Power coming together also.

Whether you believe or agree with all the above, the question still remains…

“How can I access or open my sheer Power, my own personal Shakti?”

My mind explodes here with “OMG IT’S SO EASY” and “YIKES!!” as I simultaneously recall the many people I have heard say, “Come I want to be with you I want YOUR Shakti energy.” I RUN FASTER THAN FAST AWAY FROM THIS SCENARIO.

This is superficial Tantric teaching that gets people nowhere, and always unhealthily dependent on an OUTSIDE FEMALE FORM AS OPPOSED TO THEIR OWN INTERNAL FEMININE PRINCIPLE OF POWER!!!

Healthy dependence on a female would be knowing SHE in her SHEER presence, if CONNECTED TO HER OWN INNER POWER, will naturally or intentionally or instrumentally INSPIRE your OWN PERSONAL SHAKTI POWER TO OPEN AND TAKE A FRONT SEAT!!!

“Why?” you ask. “Then what?” you ask.


It is like having 2 wings, and so now you can fly.

For 10 years I have seen this. If you are already Wisdom, when I touch you, you shine brighter. You attract bigger business deals, better partnerships, you feel like you are in the flow of your professional and/or artistic career, the way you go about life, your glow, your inner relaxation, your calmness, centeredness, and power are beaming!!! Attracting all bigger and better things your way.

I gladly share this with TOP men, but never “give MY Shakti energy.” That makes NO sense. It would be like putting diesel in an unleaded car. My energy only works for me and your energy only works for you. Not any other way, and thus I don’t “take your energy either” that is why many have commented they feel energized as well as a deep calm after spending quality time with me.

Those two qualities are typically separate in a person. The energized feeling is Power, Feminine, Shakti. The deep calm, is Wisdom, Masculine, Shiva.

Typically people are feeling one or the other, and so have tricked themselves into thinking they are an opposite feeling, when in Tantric fact…

The blending of the two, is the alchemy for ultimate success.

I know, I touched you…but really I helped you touch YOU. I helped you touch your Shakti, YOUR FEMININE POWER.

Certain styles of yoga also OPEN this inside your body, and as I said above, Shakti lives in your body, and if you want to create anything, a business, a painting, a phone app, your creative power must be turned on from within…and if that creation, if it were to actually serve humankind, and have longevity as a project, has got to have these two balanced elements behind it, wisdom and power.

I know you have Wisdom, and now let’s help you get some more Power.

In my 6-week Online Tantric Man Training, you will have no option but to mix with the feminine principle inside you, to feed your masculinity. This is more power than you can imagine.

With total soul,

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Tashizelle Monroe was fascinated at a young age by mysticism and spirituality. She halted her up corporate career and decided to live her adult life in the East, including India, until she became well-versed in the Art and Science of Tantra. She then moved to New York City to live her passion as a high class Elite Tantric GFE Escort. She now lives between Amsterdam and Spain, and visits New York City monthly. She is passionate about integrating sexuality and spirituality as one, and loves training couples in-person and men online, on becoming Tantric and exploring the depths it has to provide. She is available worldwide.

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