Upon Your Arrival 

I dedicate my time solely gentlemen and expect nothing short of this standard. Please show up with minty fresh breath, with no trace of smoke or alcohol. Handling my donation in a discrete manner upon arrival is both expected and appreciated. I ask that you leave my donation in an unmarked envelope in plain sight upon my or your arrival. If we are meeting in public, please enclose my donation in a gift bag or inside a book, easily seen upon my arrival. Make sure I don’t have to ask. It is awkward and breaks the chemistry.

In-Date Extensions

In-date extensions are $1000/per hour, or €600/per hour in Europe.

3 hr Dates – 12+ hr Dates – Fly Me To You

3 hour Coffee Dates require public time, and are exactly reserved for that occasion, coffee, tea, or my favorite, matcha 🙂 It is my recommended minimum since I find this type of date builds much chemistry.

12 – 16 hour Overnight Dates, Multi-Day Dates, and Fly Me To You, are absolutely the most fun and memorable. I require a full 8 hours of beauty sleep each night, and 3 to 4 hours to myself to primp, exercise and meditate each day. 50% deposit plus travel expenses are required at the time of booking, and the remaining 50% at least a week before our planned date. 

Deposits + Cancellations

I understand unexpected circumstances can arise, and while I strive to be lenient and understanding, a lot of preparation and planning goes into our time together so I appreciate your understanding of this policy. If you are a new friend, I will require a 50% deposit or a 100% deposit, depending on the circumstances of the date request.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to another date and time. In the very rare event that I need to cancel our meeting due to no fault of your own, you can rest assured that your deposit will be returned.

However, if you need to cancel, I would not be able to refund any of the meeting fee, nor carry it over to another meeting time or date. You can trust that I am a reasonable and dependable person. If you are a person of integrity, you will notice the same from me. 

If you do not show up for an online meeting, it cannot be transferred to another day.

No Review Policy

I appreciate every heart-warming review previously written. The intention was to demonstrate that I am a real companion, and thus help build trust in meeting me. Now however, I am an established companion and no longer permit reviews. I take my privacy very seriously, and thank you for respecting this policy.


What is Tantra?

Please read more about What is Tantra on this blog I wrote.

I also made many videos about Tantra here.

What is a Tantra GFE?

A Tantra GFE is dating a woman that has a passion for Tantra. She may or may not share it with you, depending on your level of desire.

I don't know anything about Tantra. Is that okay?

Yes. Tantra is “my thing” and I don’t expect anyone else to know anything about it. Similarly to if you are a pilot. You wouldn’t expect me to know anything about flying a plane. With that said, I am well-rounded, and feel confident we will have much common ground to explore.

Do you offer Tantra Massage?

I am not a massage therapist, I am a Companion, and thus I do not offer Tantra Massage.

On special weekend away, you might convince me 🙂

Can you teach me Tantra?

Yes. You have two options: Bedroom Priestess™ Sessions and/or Tantric Man Online Training. The two work very well together. I recommend both interchangeably. 

Can you travel to see me?

Absolutely. I thrive on travel and new experiences. I am passport ready, and can travel virtual anywhere even during these times. My travel rates are here.

Is this your full time job?

This is not my full-time work. I am a very busy person with a full life of professional work and creative pursuits.

What is your alcohol and drug policy?


I feel drugs and alcohol limit our ability to explore a true connection.

If drugs (including cannabis), alcohol, or an altered state of any kind is noticed, sensed, seen or smelled, our meeting will come to an instant end and no refunds will be provided.

Are your pictures really you?

All pictures on my website and social media accounts, with the exception of one or two photos on Blog Posts, are real, authentic, recent and of me.

Is screening necessary?

Yes. For my safety so that I feel 100% confident in meeting.

How long have you been studying Tantra?

Since 2009 in India.

What can I expect?

You tell me! Do you know what you can expect from any first date? Probably not. There isn’t a way to know the answer to this simple question. Nevertheless, there are elements that bring a great time together. I listed them out for you. Please read here.

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