Where are you based?

I am based simultaneously in NYC and London.

Can you travel to see me?

Yes I still can and I have much world access. I am passport ready, and thrive on travel and new experiences. My travel rates are here.

What is your alcohol and drug policy?


I feel drugs and alcohol limit our ability to explore a true connection.

If drugs (including cannabis), alcohol, or an altered state of any kind is noticed, sensed, seen or smelled, our meeting will come to an instant end and no refunds will be provided.

What is your cancellation policy?

I am known to be a fair, reasonable, and dependable person.Click here to review my requirements.

How much notice do you need to get ready and come see me?

Overall I appreciate at least 24 hours notice. Those in my inner circle tend to schedule meetings months in advance. We all lead busy lives, and although last minute meetings, may sometimes work in your favor, they are more like gambling.  Keep in mind that longer engagements always take priority, and do not hesitate reaching out!

Are your pictures really you?

All pictures on my website and social media accounts, with the exception of one of the pictures on the Blog Post, are real, authentic, recent and of me.

It can be tough to find Blog pics. “First Tantric Orgasm”, and “5 Step Ritual for Heart Chakra” are obviously not me.

Is this your full time job?

This is not my full-time work, but it is my full-time passion. I am a very busy person with a full life of professional work and creative pursuits.

I am categorized as “low volume” and very selective in whom I meet. My selection process, is not as one may assume. It is based on your approach, your willingness to verify, and my intuition.

Why the personal questions on the screening form?

The questions on the Screening Form are standard verification procedures for our mutual comfort and safety. If a lady does not ask for this, you can bet she is not who she says she is.

Although you might not feel comfortable giving your personal information, I suggest you do not meet anyone that does not ask for your personal information or for references.

I am a trusted and professional Companion, and my methods are confidential and time-tested.

After verifying with me and meeting me, I can act as your reference, thus, you wouldn’t need to give your personal information again in the future.

It is required only once, and it is a painless and streamlined process.

Is the screening process discrete?

Yes. My verification method is time-tested and proven fit for clients requiring the highest levels of discretion. It is always without question that your privacy will be guarded to the most secure standards.

Is screening necessary?

Yes, screening is required without exception or negotiation.

I am paranoid about verifying. What if you blackmail me?

If you are paranoid about blackmail or anything else, allow me to offer a different perspective.

I have absolutely no interest in dissolving your privacy, and ruining my five-star reputation.

Plus, after you verify and meet me, I can be your reference, and therefore, you wouldn’t need to provide your personal information in the future when meeting another lady, just my name and website.

I know it is difficult to know who to trust, at least here, hopefully you get the sense that you can.

I am High-Profile. Can you sign a NDA?

Absolutely. I too want you to feel completely safe and comfortable, as I have signed multiple NDAs in the past.

I am happy to draft one, or your office may forward the NDA directly to me on an unrelated email, and/or address it to my company which is also completely unrelated to my sacred work here.

What are references?

In lieu of employment verification as a main method of screening, I accept references if you have recently (within 6 months) seen reputable companions who would be willing to vouch that you are a gentleman in good standing.

What is Tantra?

In short, it is an energetic way of going about life, relationships, business, important life decisions, and more.

Tantra teaches that there is an innate power inside every individual which can be turned on. Once it is turned, all life aspects are available to gear shift into total fulfillment.

Might sound over the top, I know…but spend time with me and you will feel the difference.

Please read more about What is Tantra on this blog I wrote.

How long have you been studying Tantra?

Since 2009. 

I don't know anything about Tantra. Is that okay?

Yes! Tantra is “my thing” and I don’t expect it to be yours :o) I am very well-rounded, thus confident we will find much common ground to explore.

Can you teach me Tantra?

Yes. You have two options: Bedroom Priestess™ Sessions and/or Tantric Man Online Training. The two work very well together. I recommend both interchangeably. 

Do you offer Tantra Massage?

I am not a massage therapist, I am a Companion, and thus I do not offer Tantra Massage. On special occasions I have gifted a massage to my long-term suitors.

If you are simply looking for 30 minutes or more of full-body massage, I would not be the right fit.

What are your body stats?

My hourglass figure and beauty radiate.

I own the gift of 5 planets in Scorpio.

You will love being with a headturner that no one can categorize or put inside a box.

My sophisticated and timeless beauty is accentuated with dark brown hair and deep dark green eyes so mysterious and deep that you’ll be glued.

In short, if you can’t see that wisdom is the sexiest thing on my body, my stats and measurements don’t mean a thing.

Age: mid-30s…and you won’t believe me 🙂

Dress Size: 8

Weight: 127 lbs

Stats: 38″, 26″, 38″

Everyday: Yoga, Dance, Mediation.

Look: A Real Woman. Hourglass, Elegant, Classy, with Obvious Depth and Unique Flavor….there is nothing fake on me or about me.

More stats...

  • Homebase: NYC + London
  • Ethnicity: European with California accent
  • Physique: Fit with Hourglass Curves
  • Love Language: Travel
  • Style: Sultry Scorpio. That’s Ms. 5 planets in Scorpio to you sir.
  • Details: Brunette. Dark Green Eyes. You will get magnetized and lost in them.
  • Result: Rewired. Rejuvenated. Relaxed. You’ll see. After we meet, strange good things will start happening to you.
  • Dress: 8 USA
  • Years as Companion: 3.5
  • Exclusive: Very much so…and I like to play hard to get. 

Favorite food?

Indian! I appreciate all restaurants with gluten-free vegan options.

City Links: London Tantric Escort