The combination of my Tantric expertise with High-end Companionship, to offer a sensual and spiritual GFE experience I like to call “Ritual Date™.” 

A Ritual Date™ is comprised of 3 parts. I set the tone, I show you a Tantric Technique, and we experience something more fluid, in-tune and magical together.

The past 2 years, only a few have been able to access elevated fields of pleasure with me, because sometimes we do it “your way” and only sometimes “my way.”

Let me clarify, both ways are great and pleasure-filled. However, traditional ways of engaging tend to be predictable…and I prefer to live in the field of mystery and suspense, with the occasional out-of-body experience.

With that said, from now on, I aim to only do it “my way,” and share with you new ways of understanding a body and it’s pleasure quotient.

The way it works is simple!

Allow me the first 5 minutes to share an ancient Tantric Technique. Even with those 5 minutes, we will be placed in a new field of unpredictable pleasure, as well as the feeling of deeper connection.

Don’t you carve this?!

Tantric aspects, overtime can expand from 5 minutes, into hours, encompassing our entire time together. This is more up to you, than up to me. I can let you know what it takes in person.

With me you can experience a decade’s worth of Tantric practice, distilled into a bite-sized piece.

It is like any other high-end GFE booking, with the addition of getting in touch with the sacredness of your body, so you too can experience the combination of intimacy and spirituality, unearthing your truest nature.




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