First Step


Screening is the first step. Then we can schedule our first meeting.

My process is discrete, time-tested, secure, non-negotiable, and can be trusted.

It is a one-time, straight-forward process, and if you are forthcoming it will only take 2 minutes to complete. 

I understand the various hesitations you may be having at this moment. You can trust that everything between us is confidential. If I were to dissolve your privacy, it would mean ruining my reputation, lifestyle and wellbeing, so have no worries here.

Select one of the following two options…and see you soon!

No @gmail, @yahoo, etc.

If I am airborne, my maximum response time is 24 hours. Otherwise I will respond immediately or within a couple hours.

Questions? Email or text me +1.917.727.6955. My FAQ page is also a helpful resource.

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