“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Most sexuality out there does nothing to reach a woman’s total pleasure, and therefore, does nothing to give a man access to his spirituality.

In Tantra, being able to fully recognize the woman as her spiritually ravishing curves and sexually stimulated soul, gives rise to an access point for the male to penetrate inside of, and be reborn into his spiritual strength, which will in turn bring power to his body and professional life. 

Such Elite experiences give her that which she has been looking for and crying tears over…her spiritual seat in the home, in herself, and in society.

I create these spaces for you to not only understand, but experience as originally intended by Tantra, and to watch unfold power and pleasure in your life.

If you are a male seeking a Ritual Date with me, you must be lovely, kind, complimentary, respectful, thoughtful and fulfilled with integrity and dependability. This creates an opening in my heart and body that wants to give, and show you what is behind spiritual door number 1.

if you are a couple, no matter the struggle, the desire, the relationship status, or fame in society, you will be treated with equal respect. I will help release any sexual static in your connection, and help train you body to expand pleasure, eroticism, and help guide you towards your own authentic spiritual-sexual identity. 

I will facilitate Sacred Rituals for you to experience which will bring your connection to one another closer than ever, and your connection to yourself on another level. I am to enhance not only your bedroom lifestyle, but the power of creation and ecstasy in your life.

I have been assisting gentlemen and couples with this exact Ritual process since 2012, and have witnessed nothing short of miracles, bliss, and total pleasure for all parties involved.

To make clear, you do not need to be a heterosexual couple, and all genders, gender associations, and couples are welcomed in my work.

Like I say, if you have a body, then you have sacred sexuality.

Welcome home.




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