Some say it is medicine for our world as it offers body-based tools for self-realization and a whole new access of pleasure and spiritual eroticism.

Most are using their brains when with another person, and have not learned to shut off. This makes it so their sensual senses are shut off, disturbing their capacity to feel pleasure.

They try to meditate to shut of their mind, but merely fail because our current times are dominated with spiritual techniques that use the Mind to get you to a better place, or use the Mind to get you to a meditative place.

You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t think yourself out of a thinking problem?”

In Tantra we trigger the energy wavelengths in the Body, to instantly shift wavelengths in the Mind…and it works.

In Tantra, a person’s most powerful, primal and central force is engaged, and moved throughout the body, nervous system, and pleasure system, until it reaches the depth of the mind’s intelligence system, instantly arising long-term still states of meditation, that lead to self-recognition, awareness, knowledge, unavoidable transformation, and life power.

Tantra is something that people feel called towards at a very specific point in life, and begin to seek it without knowing why, and so they find me and always will.

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