Tantra is an esoteric science of the body, mind and spirit, grounded in physics, metaphysics, and quantum physics. This learning starts to shift a person’s worldview, towards an energetic world view.

Some say it is medicine for our world. Some calling it the Lightning Path because in one lifetime you can accomplish the progress of 10 lifetimes or more.

Tantra offers body-based tools for self-realization. What does that have to do with sex, you might ask. Nothing really, but has everything to do with sexual energy. The two are extremely different and refined in knowledge, and in use, to a Tantric.

To a Tantric, there is none to little spiritual progress, life change and personal life transformation that happens through styles of mediation that do not engage the body’s energy system.

In Tantra, a person’s most powerful, primal and central force is engaged, and moved throughout the body, nervous system, and pleasure system, until it reaches the depth of the mind’s intelligence system, instantly arising long-term still states of meditation, that lead to self-recognition, awareness, knowledge, unavoidable transformation, and life power.

Tantra is not something I feel to use colorful words to sell, and so, I keep it real here. It is something that people feel called towards at a very specific point in life, and begin to seek it without knowing why, and so they find me and always will.

I invite you to take a look at my blog, “What is Tantra,” as well as listen to my approach to Tantra with the Intro to Tantra Audio below.

This is an introduction to a more complete 1 hour training audio.







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